A little role play with her boss


Her boss is very busy man. He has Joanna as a secretary and a sex slave at the same time. Right now he has some important talk on the phone and asked her to bring him a cup of coffee. Joanna doesn’t want to be fired and complies without hesitation. She enters the room wearing her latex clothes with exposed ass and pouring the coffee in a weird way. He wants to receive some pleasures from her and kneels the girl down, keep chatting on a phone with the client. Submissive Joanna starts to suck his cock meanwhile, making her boss more happy with the process. When he eventually finished his business talk, it is time to take care of her with both hands. He leans her on a table and penetrates in a doggystyle and other positions, to fully satisfy his cock.

Date: December 3, 2018
Actors: Joanna Angel

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