Arabelle teasing her slave playing with another guy


Arabelle loves to tease her little male slave and today is no exception. While hanging around in a room with him, she is sitting on top of his cage. Arabelle invited her male stud to tease her slave once again and have a great time together. She just took her panties off and let him do the job – he is using his tongue to please the mistress. Her slave wants to taste it as well but Arabelle tells him to cut this greedy behavior and be patient. To humiliate him even more she tells her stud to spit on a floor and let her slave lick it. Then he is forced to kiss his boots and even suck his cock.

But this is not done yet, she puts on her handy dildo and starts to penetrate him in the ass while he continues sucking out her friend. Finally she just let him watch him having sex with her and how she is happy to stroke friend’s cock.

Date: July 27, 2019

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