Biker babes have captured a cop


Two biker babes – Anna Bell Peaks and Felicity Feline were taking a trip through annoying hot desert. There still several miles to go and they feel a bit exhausted. Girls taking a little break to pour water on their titties. After this is done they want to finish this trip as soon as possible – by increasing speed of their bikes. But unfortunately there is a cop on duty, who saw the misdoing and started to chase them.

This pursuit took a while and girls found an apartment near the road so decided to hide from him in there. They feel surrounded now while he is sweeping the area. Anna decided to take a step and surprise this cop putting her big tits to use. Felicity was a smart one and captured him from behind while he was distracted. Those horny sluts put some ropes around him and fastened them firmly, so he cannot escape by any chance. Now they can fulfill their dirty desires and use his cock to their pleasure…

Date: August 4, 2019

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