Black guy just wanted to fix the car


Driving school teacher is about to conduct his lesson, having his student, Azura Alii already on her way. Because of the ignition issue, he had to call a technician guy urgently, to fix it as soon as possible. After running quick diagnostics, it turned out he needs more time and not just 10 minutes. This is not good news at all, so driver makes a decision to go back to his office promptly and postpone the lesson.

During this time, his black friend already taking care of his car, trying to sort out the issue. But his pierced goth student suddenly arrives, wondering what’s going on. He is about to finish and tells her to wait in the car, because it is quite cold outside. Luckily for them, car started normally and works as it should. He makes an unsuccessful call to the driver – he is not answering. Deciding to go to his office, the black guy is about to leave, but this goth chick doesn’t want him to go, shoving her hand into his pants so he stops. Feeling how hard he became in her presence, she just starts sucking his dick. Couple make a decision to take their time, because the driving teacher doesn’t seem to come back in near time…

Date: August 11, 2019
Actors: Azura Alii

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