Goth girl is here to relieve his stress


Joanna is just doing her business and got a nice workplace for her new bartender girl. She is having lots of fun at her new place and flirting with a visitor already. But Joanna’s boss is in the same bar and see all those things she is doing. He is not happy for sure – this behavior is now what he expected in new employees at all. After monitoring this for some time he had enough and goes to talk with Joanna directly. They having a little brawling between each other but she knows how to calm him down. She needs to leave though, and calls for her special friend – Katrina Jade. Katrina is a hot goth chick, and this is her bosses weakness. Joanna now leaves the room, so they can deal with each other alone.

At this point he just forgot about his issues with Joanna and grabs Katrina’s ass eagerly. She is here to relieve his stress and does so by fucking him in several positions.

Date: August 22, 2019
Actors: Katrina Jade

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