He just stayed for some water


Young intern coming to his bosses house to pickup some important documents for work. He noticed that there is no one home, so he just grabbed them freely. Suddenly, chubby goth daughter of his boss came in, surprised of a handsome guy. After explaining himself, she suggested a bottle of water, to give him for the road. So when he is about to hit the road, she forces him to stay and sit on a couch with her for a while.

Knowing that something bad is coming when she undresses her bra, he started to get nervous. But soon enough she calmed him down with a sweet blowjob and he is now happy to penetrate her in doggystyle. After continuous sex, satisfied girl receives her dose of cum and finally releases him to continue his work.

Date: October 4, 2018
Actors: Kamille Amora

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