House robbery went wrong


The robbery is carefully planned and the burglar is already at the target house. But he has a bad luck today and having issues entering the property, messing things up in the yard. When he found an unlocked door, he enters the building and immediately searching the nearest drawers, in a search of something important. There was nothing useful in them, only the silverware, so he tries to steal at least something. While putting the silver into his bag, he messes up again. He drops it on the floor making a loud noises and waking up the owner – Katrina Jade, who is already moving to the shower.

Silverware is not nearly enough to cover his needs, so he continues to search the property more thorough. Suddenly he hears the shower upstairs and decided to take a peek. Upon seeing a hot tattooed chick naked in the shower, he makes a pause and watches her for a while. But soon enough she notices him. He tells her his sad story how he ended up with such low life. Seeing how poor this guy’s situation is, she decided to not call the cops, but only if he will please her sexual needs…

Date: January 5, 2019
Actors: Katrina Jade

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