Invited to the valley of fuckdolls


Excited about her boyfriend, Evelyn Claire is waiting for him in the restaurant. He is late for quite a while though. She begins to get worried and consulting with her friend over the phone. Luckily for her there is a kind waitress Joanna, who is eager to bring her more water and other stuff, to cheer her up with at least something.

Finally, he is here and joins her table. Evelyn is hoping that he was late because were busy buying a ring for her and is about to confess. But sadly this is not true – he just shows her his real ring, letting her understand that he is married and nothing serious can happen between them.

It is extremely bad news for her and she broke up with him right away, so now sitting in this place all alone. Joanna decides to invite a poor girl to her hidden club of the fuckdolls, leaving the key on her table.

So sitting another night alone with her Chinese food Evelyn decided to check the place out eventually. After continuous searching for it throughout the town she found it and used Joanna’s key on the lock. Upon entering she saw an astonishing picture and knew that this is a perfect place for her to stay…

Date: July 25, 2019

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