Lily fucks chauffeur in front of her old hubby


After doing a long shopping in the mall, Lily Lane came back home with her chauffeur. Upon entering the apartment, she saw her old hubby laying on the floor helpless. He starts blaming her for this long trip, saying that he waited her for hours. Lily responds only with humiliations, mentioning how big of a helpless loser he is and how much money she spent on a beautiful lingerie.

But it is time for her to show off with her lingerie and she goes to change clothes. Upon her return, she sees how the chauffeur is helping him to get up and got angry in an instant. Lily commands him to sit on a couch and take his cock out. Now she will humiliate her helpless hubby even more, by sucking her chauffeur out and fuck him while hubby is watching and can’t do anything.

Date: August 9, 2019
Actors: Lily Lane

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