Teaching her son how to not cum fast


Caring mom needs to have a talk with her son, it is about sex education. Recently, she had a chat with his girlfriend and she mentioned that they tried to have a sex for the first time. His girlfriend told her that he came really fast. In order to fix the situation, caring mom invited his stepsisters who agreed to help him out. They entering the room and will show him how not cum too fast, because he will not get far with unhappy woman on his hand. Mom takes his pants off, taking initiative by herself and starts sucking his cock. Then his stepsisters are taking turns in pleasing him, mentioning how big their brother is and how big of responsibility it is to have such cock. Girls now taking turns in riding him in a cowgirl style. They see he is doing good so far, taking a good amount of time to finish the job and cum eventually.

Date: August 2, 2019
Actors: Taurus

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